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Igniting the Spark of Life in people with dementia

A Real Life Fundraising Success Story – Zambia, Africa

Who would have thought that a chance meeting at the International IAHSA Conference in Perth, 2015 would lead to Anderson Zimfukwe and Mary Mutambo from Nakonde, Zambia coming to Australia to complete the  Spark of Life Master Leadership Program? This was made possible only through the fundraising efforts of highly committed individual people.

Watch here some videos of the passionate fundraisers:

Hoohah, a vocal a cappella singing group performing their own song, ‘Spark of Life for Zambia’

Interview with Jo Marshall re her Kilimanjaro walk in support for Spark of Life in Zambia

Resthaven Aged Care South Australia supported the project for Spark of Life in Zambia with a significant donation.

Senior Pathway Living, Chicago, USA also contributed with a generous donation towards this project.

Master Leadership Program in Australia
Anderson & Mary

In May 2016, Anderson Simfukwe,  Founder & Executive Director of Aged Care & Service Centre, Nakonde, Zambia, attended the International Spark of Life Master Leadership Program together with Mary Mutambo, a Nurse & Midwife at the Nakonde District Hospital. Mary also volunteers her nursing experience for the people receiving support from the Aged Care and Service Centre. The 25 volunteers connected to the centre support 950 older people and their families in 10 surrounding villages some as far away as 70kms that can only be reached by motorbike.

Back in Zambia

At home in Zambia, Anderson and Mary are now focused  on educating their own teams of volunteers, family members,  health professionals and  communities on how they can care for people with dementia using the Spark of Life Philosophy. In their every day they are implementing the Spark of Life Core Principles with a deep heart-to-heart connection, the basis for rementia. Such connections have the power to enrich the lives of people with dementia, their families and entire communities.

Read a real-life story from Anderson Simfukwe about transforming the lives of those living in Nakonde, Zambia.

Inviting your Support

By enabling more people from developing countries to attend the International Master Leadership Program, they too can educate in their own communities on the gentle Spark of Life Philosophy and enrich the lives of so many older people and specially those who have dementia.

But we need your help.

At this point in time there are many worthy applicants from developing countries waiting to attend the Spark of Life Master Leadership Program.

The foundation is currently fundraising to enable Aarati Poudel from Nepal to be the next Scholarship recipient bring hope and a new future for people with dementia in Nepal.

Your donation will contribute directly to make this scholarship possible.