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Igniting the Spark of Life in people with dementia

Paul Mahoney

Paul Mahoney awarded Global Ambassador for Dementia Foundation for Spark of Life


It is with great pleasure and appreciation that we announce today that the talented and insightful screenwriter of Ruby’s Choice has been awarded Global Ambassador for Dementia Foundation for Spark of Life.

Paul Mahoney is passionate about facilitating positive change for people with dementia in Australia and Globally. Paul has achieved the following significant recognitions:

  • Winner of the Euroscript Screenwriting Competition in London for the feature Romantic Comedy – Elvis Town.
  • Winner of the Faith & Family Script Showcase in Los Angeles for the Animation Feature – New to the Zoo.
  • Prize Winner – First Ten Pages Competition in Los Angeles for the Dramedy Feature – Grandma’s Coming To Stay. Prize Winner – First Ten Pages Competition in Los Angeles for the Animation Feature – Galaxxon, peace of the planets.

“Dementia Care International and its charity arm Dementia Foundation for Spark of Life  will always hold a special place in my heart. I find the important work that they do in training others via the Spark of Life Philosophy and Model of Care inspirational. I know that the skills and knowledge that people learn in their various training courses helps to enrich the lives of those who have dementia. Their Model, which incorporates empathy, kindness and compassion appeals to me and I am proud to be associated with them.

I am forever grateful for the assistance that Dementia Care International and Dementia Foundation for Spark of Life have provided to us in making the film Ruby’s Choice and it is an honour to be named as a Global Ambassador. I look forward to a long association with them.”

Paul Mahoney talks about Ruby’s Choice:

“I worked in the Aged Care and Disability field for over 15 years, and saw firsthand the toll dementia had on not only the people with it but also their carers. It’s not something we see very often on screen, and with dementia on the rise, chances are someone in our family or circle of friends will one day have it. Considering our ageing population, I thought it would be a timely and important topic to bring to the screen.

The inspiration for this script came from an Elderly Gentleman that I knew who had undiagnosed dementia, but managed to look after himself and remain at home for many years despite this. My aim was to write an entertaining and engaging script that would show the impact on three generations of strong women from the same family.”

The ground-breaking film Ruby’s Choice, has received the award for Best Picture from the Australian Screen Industry Network for 2022.
In addition Jane Seymour was honoured with the award for Best Actress for her outstanding authentic and perception-shifting portrayal of Ruby, who has dementia. Certificates of High Distinction were also awarded to Michael Budd for Directing, crew and Paul Mahoney for screenwriting.

Watch the Ruby’s Choice Official Trailer: