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Igniting the Spark of Life in people with dementia

Efficient Use of Funds

Dementia Foundation for Spark of Life makes it a priority to keep overhead expenses to an absolute minimum. This enables the Foundation to channel most of all funds raised directly towards the purpose of the Foundation which is to facilitate a major cultural shift in aged and dementia care globally, where people with dementia are given opportunities each and every day, to feel a genuine emotional connection with staff and to have their ‘Spark of Life’ ignited.

The foundation distributes funds in two main areas:

  1. For residential and community care services to fill a gap of practical skills in the psychosocial aspect of care, so people with dementia can live rich and meaningful lives.
  2. For families and the community to experience how to connect and communicate with their loved ones who have dementia in ways that reignite their ‘Spark of Life’.