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Help us re-ignite the Spark of Life in people with dementia

Help re-ignite the Spark of Life

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Current Projects

Bringing the Spark of Life Philosophy to Nepal

Aarati Poudel  – Founder & President of Saar Nepal – (Broad Spectrum Senior Citizen Care)

After graduating in Social Work in 2006, Aarati started actively working in the social sector, leading by example. She volunteered in many fields such as children’s rights and protection, drug rehabilitation, HIV and care of the ageing.

From her experiences, Aarati decided to dedicate her life to serve senior citizens and founded Saar Nepal with the vision to create a just society for seniors. Under her leadership, Saar Nepal started Nepal’s first senior citizens’ Day Care and Lifelong Learning Centre as well as several life-enriching programs such as ‘Intergenerational Interaction’, ‘Rescue and Rehabilitation’ for seniors living on the streets and ‘Adopt a Grandparent.’

She recently started a social enterprise called which is Nepal’s first online home health care service for senior citizens.

It is Aarati’s dream to be able to bring the Spark of Life Philosophy to the people of Nepal to add to the profoundly important work that she is already doing enabling seniors who have dementia to have a new future of hope and possibilities.

Our aim is to raise AU$35,000 – every donation makes a difference

These funds will enable Aarati to travel to Australia to undertake the Spark of Life Master Leadership Program and bring this life-enriching and transformative philosophy to the people of Nepal.

The money raised will be used to fund the entire undertaking from visa application, airfares, accommodation, the 3-week Spark of Life Master Leadership Program, the magnitude of materials for Aarati to utilize on her return to Nepal and on-going professional development and support with her implementation.