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Igniting the Spark of Life in people with dementia



Social Justice Advocate

Jen Newton, Spark of Life Master Practitioner

Jen has a background as a registered nurse in community nursing.

As a Spark of Life Master Practitioner she is aware of the profound difference the Spark of Life Philosophy can make to the wellbeing of people with dementia.

Jen had the experience of caring for her Father, who lived with her for the last six months of his life and she is now caring for her husband’s Mother who has dementia and wants to stay home on the farm.

Jen is practicing the Spark of Life Philosophy in her volunteer work at the prison and in supporting refugees and their children.

‘The power of love connects us all.’ Jen Newton

‘Since completing the Spark of Life Master Practitioner course in May 2016, I have been applying the Spark of Life Philosophy to all I engage with – family, friends, and in my business.

In my volunteer role in the prison & a refugee women’s group, it has been invaluable in helping to create a loving space…to be there for each person and to seek to meet their needs.

I feel affirmed and empowered by all I have experienced and learned through the Spark of Life International Master Course…it is truly a way of being that can change and enrich lives.’

~ Jen Newton