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Help us re-ignite the Spark of Life in people with dementia

Help re-ignite the Spark of Life

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Singing for Dementia

Whether your passion is rock, opera, karaoke, musicals or another way to express Singing for Dementia, you are invited to either develop your own musical fundraising event or donate to one of the below fundraisers:


AC/DC Tribute Concert

The rock’n’roll royalty of Australian music banded together on 2nd February 2019, for a second year at the Corner Hotel, Melbourne to raise funds for the Dementia Foundation for Spark of Life. This turbo-charged evening of AC/DC classics was in honour of Malcolm Young, Co-founder of legendary rock band AC/DC.

Malcolm Young AC/DC Tribute Concert Musicians Call for Ongoing Donations for the Dementia Foundation for Spark of Life


Listen to these legendary superstar musicians share why they support the Dementia Foundation for Spark of Life:

James Morley (Angels, Choirboys & now Whole Lotta Rosie) Organiser of the February 2019 tribute & fundraising concert

Craig Newman & Stuart Frazer from the John Farnham Band

Nat Allison, guitarist from the Suzie Quatro Band

Jimi Hocking from the Screaming Jets

Watch Simon Croft guitarist from We Will Rock You



  • Opera with Italian Tenor

Antonio Carangelo is a renowned tenor, born in Lecce, Italy. He has performed in leading roles internationally throughout his life. He has set up the Carangelo Belcanto Academy in Vienna, and now leads Masterclasses all over the world.




‘I am Antonio Carangelo. I have chosen three very special songs that I have sung to dedicate to the Dementia Foundation for Spark of Life, one about mother, one about love, and one about remembering me. I call on all of you to join me in supporting this Foundation and donate generously as its work is so very much needed.’



All three pieces are sung by Antonio Carangelo and played by the Chamber Orchestra of Jiri Lexa, ‘Con Bravura.’

Tu ca nun chiagne
Non ti scordar di me




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